Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tagged! I'm It.

So, Veronica tagged me for the "Seven Random Things about Myself" meme. And so, I think I am going to use it for this day's NaBloPoMo post. Because the other things I could write about are not going to cut it today.

So here goes, seven things you probably don't know about me:

1) I am (was) a big catalog reader. When we go down to visit my parents, inevitably beside the bed in my room is a big stack of her catalogs, for my nighttime reading pleasure. Some favorites are, Signals, Wireless (which I really think are the same), Bas Bleu (I could bankrupt us with this catalog), and Levenger (ditto). I don't have so much time to sit in front of the television and read catalogs now, or the energy to stay awake after crawling into bed. But I still like the idea.

2) I grew up evangelical non-denom (basically), converted to Catholicism after college, and am now Anglican. Ok, some people know that. Hmmmm. My Anglican church here in little ole' Virginia is part of the Church of Nigeria!

3) Preschool "stuff" makes me crazy (the "pictures" and crafts, etc.). It makes me crazy when the kids are making it (Jonathan goes to a co-op preschool). It makes me crazy to bring home pieces of construction paper that have wet paint and glue on them. And don't get me started on the Scholastic flyers.

4) I love makeup. All kinds. The cheaper the better. Which is why I just love E.L.F. The sad thing is that I don't bother with it on a daily basis (the whole kid thing), but I still buy it. Oh, and sparkly shiney makeup? All the better.

5) I could live on breakfast food and dessert. As long as there is plenty of bacon.

6) I used to chew on the ends of my hair. When it was longer and I was six years old. My teacher told me to stop or she would CUT. IT. OFF. I was so scared I couldn't even tell my mother. So I started biting my cuticles instead.

7) We moved to Virginia from Michigan when I was ten. But I said "y'all" so I was O.K. (My mom is a bona fide Virginian.) And from then on, every time we passed a certain little church outside of my little town, I said "that is where I want to be married." And I was, 24 years later.

And yes, the colors inside the church (except for the stone floors and plaster walls) are Tiffany Blue and Chocolate Brown.

So, seven random things....I am tagging only a couple of people, because I don't want to chase people away: Sherri (who might have done this before, but I suspect she can come up with more items), Carmen (to give her something else to post about this month!), Kristi ('cause I know her from pre-blogging days), and Meg ('cause she left me a comment once!).


Recovering Sociopath said...

Cool! Now I have something to blog about tomorrow.

I cannot BELIEVE your teacher did that. I'm sure it was frustrating for her, but dang.

meg @ spicy magnolia said...

Oh, my goodness! I gotta get busy on thinking of random things! Thanks for the gives me an idea of what to write about. :) Living off of breakfast foods and dessert, you're my kinda lady!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

This is the second mention of E.L.F. I've seen today - I had not heard of it before this. (I'm not much of a make-up wearer . . .) Are the cosmetics gods trying to tell me something?

Kristie said...

Geez, girl, I didn't know. Did not know you were from Michigan (hellooooo, so am I, how could we gloss over that one). Or perhaps I did know at some point in the distant past. My memory after three boys has been rather....I don't know...I forgot the word. And I did not know about the church where you got married, that is so sweet, I love it.