Monday, November 10, 2008

International Babywearing Week!

This week is International Babywearing Week. And so, for fun, Stephanie is hosting a blog carnival for babywearing bloggers and links. I am going to try my best to participate, but y'all know my weakness with internet technical stuff.

We are fans of the babywearing thing. Jonathan really liked riding around in the Ergo, especially. Here is Marcus carrying Jonathan in the Ergo in April of 2007 (J was 8 months old or something at the time.)

And this is a closer up shot of the kiddo. You may or may not be able to tell that he liked to chew on the straps of the Ergo.

And to put things in perspective, this is how Jonathan currently likes to ride. I think our days of babywearing for THIS child are over. Conveniently, baby number two is well on his way, so we are all prepared for more babywearing. If you are interested in looking at some baby carrier options, check out here!

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Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Great babywearing pics! My daughters have both LOVED chewing on various parts of our Ergo. It's amazing one of them hasn't chewed a hole in it yet. Heee. :)

YAY babywearing!!