Thursday, November 06, 2008

Can random thoughts equal a post?

(Well, yes, if you have been reading any of my posts, it would seem that I specialize in "random thoughts".)

So, I am taking a page from Carmen's book and making a post of "random thoughts".

- Co-opping at my son's pre-school certainly puts the post-election haze into perspective. And pre-schoolers are hard! They don't put me in his class (2 y.o.) but with the 3 y.o.s. And I was in a class of all boys. Being 7 months (whatever - 32 weeks) pregnant and eight three year old boys is just hard work. My had is off to the teachers.

- Being heavily (and getting more heavy every day) pregnant makes everything else more difficult, like, you know, standing. Being woefully out of shape at the same time doesn't help matters.

- So, there is a staff member at the pre-school who looked like she could deliver ANY day. So, I asked the obvious question, and said it in what I thought was a self-deprecating sort of way, "so, you look like you are due before me, when is the big day?" And she said, "The beginning of February." I literally was speechless. My due date is January 1 (or December 31 as we keep telling the little guy). I think I caught myself before shoving the foot farther in ("Wow, you sure are huge!"). But, I should have known better.

- Noggin and PBSKids are sure fire way of ending the sadness that sometimes accompanies the end of my child's nap. And I am getting waaaay too dependent on it.

- By the time the post-nap snack is had, it is actually DARK outside. Crud.

- So, my dad had what they call a "mini-stroke" this past weekend. Do you know what the signs of a stroke are? The weird thing was that the signs were very subtle. And he, being a doctor, refused to go get taken care of for some hours. And, if you can get someone help within a very few hours (i.e. call 911 immediately), the doctors can almost fully resolve the stroke with few side-effects. Though it appears that dad will fully recover with some time, and his remaining symptoms are merely just a bit of slurring of some words, and some aphasia, the docs are telling him to take the rest of the month off.

- Since I have grandparents who are 86 and 90, and who live with my parents, and a dad who only gets serious problems (kidney stones, stroke, etc) rather than the common cold, it is not out of the ordinary to get a call from my mom which goes something like this: "everyone is ok, but we are in the hospital." But still, my heart stops a little every time the phone rings after 8 at night or before 7 in the morning.

- My husband's birthday is today. Tomorrow is a post about how fabulous he is.

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