Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good to know

When making meatloaf, it is a good idea to use a bowl to mix all the ingredients which is actually BIGGER than the amount of all the ingredients added together. Otherwise, it is a big mess.

Also, it is helpful to have the sleeves on your long slouchy sweater rolled up BEFORE you start mixing raw meat.

The saving grace was that hubs unexpectedly came home early and rolled my sleeves up for me.


Christmas music makes even the most ordinary chores bearable.


Jonathan-ism for today: "Mommy, where is the firetruck sound?" "I don't know honey, where is the firetruck?" "In the DIS-TANCE, mommy."

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meg @ spicy magnolia said...

Totally agree about Christmas music...definitely the way to go! It makes all things better...even overflowing meatloaf ingredients. :)