Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The dreaded email....

So, I got the dreaded email today from the pre-school:

"dear parent,
One of the children in your child's class....."


This is not about lice. Even typing the word makes my head itch.

No, this is about "hand, foot and mouth disease" or HFMD for short.

It seems as if every kid gets exposed during the pre-school years. And most parents are immune since we probably all got exposed during OUR preschool years.

But, you know, I am pregnant. And the only time that this is apparently risky for the baby is if the mother contracts it close to the delivery date. ACK! I am five weeks from delivering. Give or take.

So, there is a lot of handwashing going on here at the house of Maher. And I am trying to convince my son that kissing me on the mouth is a bad idea.

Well, I suppose that the upside is that when I go for my next OB visit in 10 days, I will probably know for sure if I have it or if he has it, and since the OB is testing me from Group B strep then anyway, I can just add this to the list.

Oh. Whine whine....the baby is still breech. Though he was flirting with the idea of turning this past couple of days.

Off to pack up for going to Gramma's tomorrow.

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