Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The haircut

Thomas had beautiful curls, as shown in the previous post.

But he used them like a napkin, necessitating a hair scrub, if not a full bath, every

Also, he is a sweaty little kid and his hair would be soaking wet after an afternoon at the park.

Marcus thought he was hot and miserable and asked me to get his hair cut. Since Marcus doesn't weigh in very much on these issues, I listened to him.

The haircut, from Thomas' point of view:

Beautiful curls.

I am fine with my beautiful curls, mommy. Can't you tell?

You wanna do WHAT? Cut them OFF? No.

This feels weird.

Hey, pretty girl cutting my hair, lollipop to suck on, life isn't too bad!

Still pretty happy, even missing half my hair.

I think I must now be quite serious, as I am now a big boy.

And what has big brother Jonathan been doing this whole time? All swimming, all the time:

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

And HEY, there are pictures!

I promised you photos. So, here they are.

This is a great pic taken this past weekend, on July 4, the boys with Great-Grampa. My mom's dad. He is 92. Thomas is almost 18 months and Jonathan will be four at the end of August. Precious.

These are the beautiful curls on my Baby. Toddler. Soon to be a little boy. I have got to get his hair cut. I don't want to lose the curls, but he is so hot with them, and he uses them as a napkin. But, oh my heart.....

Huh, that reminds me of another little boy (taken when HE was 19 months old).....

Who has turned into quite the sun worshipper.

And yeah, that is a slate patio. On the Fourth of July. In Virginia. He only lay down for about three and a half seconds. And I added that dark "towel" to the picture of him. Because I can and should.

Oh, and you guys were all interested in how wonderfully Thomas is sleeping, right? Well we got a nifty little video monitor so we could tell if he were standing up in bed hollering for us, or if he was just rolling around trying to get back to sleep. Pretty nifty, eh?

You can see the whole crib. Well, nearly the whole crib. And it is infared or some such technology that allows us to see into the crib at night. Coolness. Sometimes you see chubby legs crossed at the ankles. Sometimes a little bum up in the air.

He likes his crib. I thought I would grab a shot of him just waking up from a nap or something. He doesn't look too happy about being photographed, does he?

And that is what I expect to see when I look at the video monitor (only he would be asleep, and not from that angle, but you know what I mean.) However, often I see this.

Which would be fine if I hadn't JUST PUT THE BABY IN THE CRIB AND LEFT THE ROOM.

The number of times that I have seen this and had a slight heart attack is more than I would care to admit. Because he hasn't piffed out of his crib or been raptured. He is there. Really. See?

I have no idea how he fits himself into that tiny area, but he does, curled up in a tight little ball. I suspect that little nubbin that you see is the edge of his bottom as he is pressed cross-wise up against the head of the crib.

Anyway. I hope you enjoyed. And one last gratuitous cuteness photo, the boys making a train out of boxes from a Costco run:

Friday, July 02, 2010


So, here I am three months later with very little to say.

Thomas has been sleeping better, which just gives him more energy to run around and scare me half to death by climbing EVERYWHERE.

We are overwhelmed with swimming lessons and assorted summer stuff. Trying to keep a toddler from jumping headfirst into the pool to get to his brother is, well, trying.

Back with pictures of the growing boys.......