Friday, August 18, 2006

And we wait....

SO, it is the wrong time of night to call anybody. 4:00 a.m. and I can't sleep. Jeez....any wonder?
Can you imagine that I am going to have this little baby in FOUR DAYS???

I went today to the spa to get my eyebrows, toes, and hair done. Had the house cleaners come, too. I have food in the freezer, and all the baby clothes are clean. We have diapers and wipes, and plenty of receiving blankets. So, if I went into labor right this second, it would be all ok. Marcus had his last day of work today. YEAH, he is home for a month! How blessed are we?

We have one last Dr. appt tomorrow morning (ummm, this morning) to see if the kiddo has turned. He hasn't. I can feel his little head trying to shove through my ribs right now. So, we have the weekend to re-group, see a couple friends who have just had babies, and realize it is the last time it will be just "the two of us". I mean, the little third person makes himself known quite frequently, but he is still portable. Anyhoo....keep your eye on the computer on Monday.....

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Testing the "send"

I am attempting to set this up so that, when the baby is born, Marcus can send an email to anyone who has chosen to receive "baby" updates. I am using Yahoo Groups for this since I am familiar with it from various church projects. We'll see if it works.

This is just a start

So, many of my friends have these Blogs, where they post their thoughts, etc. I, however, am more consumed by this baby growing inside of me than with any particular deep thought. Additionally, I really enjoy keeping up with friends and relatives, and their own growing families. And, I think there may be a few people out there who would like to keep up with our growing family. This seems like a logical way to do it, without inundating the inboxes of our family and friends.

So, check back occasionally, and see how we are growing!