Friday, January 02, 2009

40 and counting

No. Not my age.

Weeks. Actually, let's be accurate here, 40 weeks and one day (or is it two).



Not only "no progress", but no indication that my body ever intends to go into labor.


Baby seems fine. But the doc will send me for a sono check and a NST next Friday if I still have not had the wee one. If I go another week, I might go crazy.

Or not. I do think I have managed to do some surrendering to the One who created all of us. After all, I should have this baby by, oh, Valentine's Day, right?



meg @ spicy magnolia said...

That would be really funny if our babies were born on the same day. :) Thanks for the encouragement to enjoy some time to myself. I hope you enjoy these last few days as well. Happy Friday!

Grace said...

Oh, dear. I can really relate. I went through that for two extra weeks. I remember thinking my baby would just never be born. How silly is that! But it went through my mind. I know your experience will be different. God has his birthday all planned. And we're all praying for you. Am excited to hear how it goes.

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

I seriously know the pain of those last days. SO NOT FUN! Like I told you earlier, I'm praying that the action starts soon!