Sunday, January 04, 2009

Labor. Part 1 of who knows how many.

Let me start by saying that I now am officially the most boring person in the whole world. My entire world has collapsed into wondering when (and sometimes, "If???") this baby is going to be born.

My husband has been mostly relegated to "toddler duty" and my poor two year old says, not infrequently, "where's mommy?" even though I am right here.

At some point I will get back to posting about things other than this pregnancy. And then it will probably still be mostly about my family. Ah well.

Anyhoo....the following is for the interested few, and for my own records, so I don't forget.

So, Friday morning I went to the doctor. Nowhere near close to labor. Nuh-uh. Nothing.

Friday night, had chili dogs, onion rings and fried mushrooms (can we all agree that I needed more fiber?) for dinner. Got a raging case of heartburn. Course, since I had never had it before, I don't know how 'raging' it was, but for me it was awful. Tried to sleep on an incline with pillows. FAIL.

About 12:30, the baby started going nuts. He hadn't been moving a lot the past few weeks, just little squirms here and there. This was a full-out home renovation. It was clear to me that he DID. NOT. LIKE. HIS. CURRENT. POSITION. And my body promptly reacted by having very strong, and very short and sporadic, contractions. It was like a cage fight in slow motion in my belly.

Went on for about an hour.

Just as I was about to get up and call somebody, everything settled down. I did get up, anyway, for a bit, to eat a little something and see if anything kept going. Nothing. So, about three a.m. I went back to sleep. And got some decent sleep.

Saturday morning woke up and we did the normal morning routine. And then I started having more contractions, of a similar nature to the ones the night before. Uncomfortable, but short and sporadic. Those went on all day. I put the family (and Twitter and FB) on a cautious "alert". Then I made cookies.

We all took a nap after lunch since we are/were still fighting colds. During the nap everything slowed down to a crawl. Post-nap, we thought a walk would help. A walk at the speed of a two year old, which is the only speed I want to go now. Walk didn't help.

But, exactly as my doula/midwife said, just wait for nightfall. At about 7, they kicked in again. 30 seconds or so. Uncomfortable, but also not predictable. Got myself in gear for ramping up. Thought I would try to sleep a little. And did.

And everything stopped at about 11. Until about 8 this morning.

So, we got a decent night's sleep, except for the two hours I was awake in the middle of the night wondering what was happening.

That brings us to now.

More of the same contractions. I shall now go lie down and see if I can spot a pattern.

Thank you. That is all.

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Grace said...

Oh, Thank YOU! I am so excited for you! I'll be praying. Keep us updated. Even if you have to coach hubby to post a one-liner!