Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Is this worth a post of its' own?

To answer my own question, I'm not sure.

But, since I know that the three of you reading this are just dying to know the status of things (what, not everyone can stand to be on this knife edge of anticipation with me???) I thought I would throw up a quick update.

Which is, drum roll please, nothing.

I haven't had any contractions to speak of since Monday afternoon, post hospital. Boy, am I glad that I didn't stay (thank you Aimee, my amazing doula!)

But, because of the unknown, my mom came and took our two year old to her home a couple hours away, for a few days. He loves going to Gramma and Grampa's, so I think he is ok. Mom may be going out of her mind. My own grandparents live with them (86 and nearly 91). And my dad is still working at age 72 in spite of some fairly severe and recent health problems of his own. So, she doesn't feel like she has a whole lot of freedom to come and just hang out here.

In any event, we have had a nice day and a half, though. It has been nasty weather, so we have been mostly inside. Although that "knife edge of anticipation" is hard to live on (maybe more so for my husband since he cannot DO anything), it has been good to rest up and be quiet. In hindsight, I suspect we will look on this time as a gift straight from God, though at the moment the waiting is frustrating.

Part of it is managing expectations. We had everything so organized. On our timeline. Which apparently had very little to do with the real timeline. And our timeline has just been completely shot. Therefore, there is this uncertainty. (Which is coupled with some anxiety about the baby being breech -- which is our experience with Jonathan -- and not knowing what labor will bring -- which feels odd, since this is our second baby -- and trying to do a VBAC -- which we know is completely doable, but which freaks some people out a little, including some of the doctors -- and trying to ensure in the middle of all of this that we are being good parents to our two year old.)

And Marcus took time off from work to help with the baby, time which is slowly being eaten away by this waiting.

But y'all know what would happen if we changed it up, right? As soon as Marcus decided to go back to work for a few days, or we decided just to have Mom bring Jonathan home, I would get slammed into active labor, and I would be scrambling to get Marcus home from the city, and someone to take care of Jonathan, etc. etc.

So, I think we wait.

And pray.

Which explains why I am up at 4:00 a.m.


Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Until this most recent baby of mine was late, I never knew how frustrating an over due baby can be. It's totally a mental game. Hang in there.

You aren't in the northern VA area, are you? That's where I delivered my first four kids.

Praying you have a successful and beautiful VBAC, but above all, a healthy baby. Nice to "meet" you!

Grace said...

Oh, Kimberly. I've been there! Waiting. I'm praying for you. And I am glad for the update. Thank you. Wish I were nearby to help. We'll just keep praying. And trusting. And asking God to reveal His purpose for each hour you wait.

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

More prayers for you, mama. Many hugs, too.

Grace said...

Okay, it's been two days. What does this mean? :-)