Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What is impossible?

a) trying to keep a 2 y.o. clean while "decorating" sugar cookies.

b) trying to roll over in bed, while being 8 mos pregnant AND wearing velour pants.

c) keeping the kitchen clean when one hates to do dishes.

d) putting up Christmas Tree decorations when one has a cat who likes shiny objects.

e) having an adult conversation with a friend when the kids are around. Well, the conversation happens, but in small chunks, and with frequent stops to keep children from getting into the food coloring, cleaning up random amounts of vomit, rescuing the cat from kids with sticky fingers, etc.

f) avoiding eating said "decorated" sugar cookies.....

1 comment:

meg @ spicy magnolia said...

Hilarious! For me at this point in my life, b and f. :) But I'm sure I'll get to experience the rest of them in due time. AHHH!!