Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Post......

Ok people, I have been so bad at posting this week.

The breech baby is no longer breech!

I was scheduled for a 'version' this past Wednesday, in the early afternoon. I went to the chiropractor in the morning for my regular (in this pregnancy) adjustment. She was happy about the version since it would improve my chances for a VBAC.

Anyway, after I left, I felt odd. Just different. I couldn't have told you exactly what was different, but I described it to my doula as feeling looser as well as fuller.


So, went to the hospital, got myself admitted. Thankfully the OB ordered the sonogram before the I.V. Lo' and behold, the baby was vertex!! Thank God. Seriously. There has been so much prayer surrounding this issue. And, I am very happy with the chiropractor, too!

He flipped on his own. And, as far as we can tell, he is still head down! I know this because I am much more uncomfortable. And I can't bend over at the waist. So, aside from the complaining, we are very happy! It is very good that he turned on his own and the doctor didn't have to encourage him. So now we wait.

Seventeen days and counting.

Meanwhile, there are good posts up at the Advent Blog from our church. Go read and be blessed!


Zanshin said...

Oh yay! I'm so glad to hear that he flipped. Thank you Jesus.

Grace said...

Praise the Lord! What good news. What an exciting time this is...just a few more days...