Monday, March 02, 2009

Why I am not here

For those of you who wonder how I can update Facebook and Twitter, but not the blog (and why I can't seem to answer emails with more than a one-liner), the answer is that every time I am sitting, I am also nursing. And our current set-up puts the computer at right angles with my couch. So, I am limited either to one-handed typing on my laptop, or one FINGER typing on my iPod. Those are conducive to quick, short status updates, but not well suited to typing with both hands. And I refuse to blog with one hand.

Not to worry, I have several posts in the works. This world of ours does provide lots of "blog fodder" doesn't it?


Raise Them Up said...

Ahhhh. It was wonderful to see you out and about. (Thanks for visiting) It's good to know you are surviving these first few months. I remember well how exhausting it was to nurse a newborn and chase a toddler. I seriously didn't go ANYWHERE without my husband.

Unfortunately, he traveled, a LOT, and as luck (or unluck, actually) would have it, eventually, we would need groceries.

During one of my husband's business trips that lasted two weeks, I had to call a babysitter for my toddler so I could go to the store. There was no point going shopping when the toddler in the cart would either whap the baby in the front on the head, sit on the bread, or toss anything he could lift over board. A hundred times.

I ramble. Sorry.

Just wanted to say, I'm thinking about you. And smiling. I liked your church story, because I was there not all that long ago.

Now that time has softened the frustration and exhaustion, the memories are funny and sweet.

You will get there, too. :) I promise.

It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job, sister.


Grace said...

I applaud you for blogging at all! Now...after reading Raise Them Up's comment, I need to go find your story about church...and read that!

Raise Them Up said...

I was looking for an email ad. for you, but didn't see one. So I'll just have to leave hugs in the commments. :)

Anyway, thanks for the prayers. We're going to need them!

So you're thinking about a nursing strike, eh? I only thought about that 10 or 15 times a day! lol! My first wanted no parts of a bottle, forEVER. The second took anything close, and the third took a cup very early. Will he take a bottle?
I'll be thinking of your busy days, too, and praying you get a litle time to yourself. Hugs.