Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Breastfeeding supplements

So, someone recently asked me what kind of supplements I am taking to increase my milk supply, since I mentioned it in this post.

And I thought this would be good place to document what I am taking, for my own records as well as y'all's edification.

Here goes:

Calcium citrate with magnesium - Two caplets per day - This is the form of calcium that is most easily absorbed by the body and the magnesium helps.

Alfalfa - Two capsules three times a day - A galactogogue among other things.

Milk Thistle - Two capsules three times a day - Ditto.

Goat's Rue - Two capsules three times a day - This was new to me, but is also a galactogogue and is marketed as such. The previous two are marketed as other things.

Soy Lecithin - One capsule two or three times a day. This is an emulsifier, but also keeps the breastmilk from getting "sticky". I found it useful last time in helping prevent plugged ducts. I am taking it prophylacticaly now.

Probiotic - One capsule three times a day. Just to help keep yeast at bay. I use a shelf-stable probiotic so that I can add it to the pill container.

I am also continuing to take my prenatal vitamins.

Now, some of these have special instructions. The Goat's Rue is supposed to be taken with very little water. The probiotic is supposed to be taken on an empty stomach. the milk thistle and the alfalfa have no special instructions. The prenatal should be taken with food so as to minimize any reactions to the iron. WHATEVER. I have to take them all at the same time or there is no hope that I will remember to take them all. So, the "with food" and "without food" get taken at the same time. And when I have to take nine or eleven capsules, you know darn well that they are getting taken with more than a little water. But I figure something is better than nothing.

And the galactogogues seem to be working. It appears that I have more than enough milk for the baby. In fact, I have even managed to pump a bit, which is good since I want to get at least a couple bottles worth saved in the freezer. I have a colonoscopy next week and will be unavailable to my voracious baby for about three hours. I am so happy that he will have a bottle of breastmilk instead of formula. YEAH!

Ok, speaking of the voracious baby, my brief window with two hands to type appears to be over.


Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Oh, I hear ya. I'm taking fenugreek and blessed thistle. I think those are more effective if taken in the first week, and they certainly helped me, but now I'm afraid to come off of them. So there's 18 of those, plus I take a liquid goat's rue, which will make you want to gag down to your toenails. I try to remember to take it at the end of all my pill-taking, but sometimes, it's just gotta go down whenever I remember it. But it did help when things started getting low again.

Anonymous said...

This is helpful...and I hope everything is ok with you having a colonoscopy soon. Oh, and I totally understand the limited time with two hands...definitely not typing a blog with one either! :)

Zanshin said...

@ Lora Lynn...

I would imagine that anything named "goat's rue" would taste awful, for even goats to avoid it!