Sunday, March 29, 2009

Well hello there...

Clearly I am not a true blogger. I have managed to let more than two weeks go by without posting. Ah well. Not a true blogger, not a true writer. Yup. Got me.

Anyway, life here with a newborn and toddler continues apace. We have had a snuffly, cough-y little two year old. The typical pre-school snots, I think. But that means the we have been up with him at least once a night, in addition to the three times for the baby.

Breastfeeding has been going well! Thomas eats somewhat constantly, which is normal, I think, since I don't store a great amount. He is a big fan of cluster feeding in the late afternoon/early evening, which means that if I don't really get most of dinner done early in the day, we eat cereal for dinner. The only time I am at the computer is when I am nursing the baby, and as I have said before, I can't blog with one hand.

So, two weeks.

But a funny thing happened this evening, my husband and the baby both went to bed early. So here I am. And I am not tired, oddly. I think I average about five or six hours of sleep a night. Since I seem to want eight and a half, I am working with a substantial deficit most of the time. As all moms do though, I manage. I have learned to function on less sleep.

The unfortunate part is that I can't really rely on caffeine because I don't need to keep my baby awake as well. So, I drift toward sugar. With predictable results.


Thankfully, the weather is starting to clear up so that we can get outside and get some exercise. Hopefully that will help with the energy thing.

There are plenty of topics floating around in my head, in addition to the usual "mommy" suspects, and hopefully they will get some air here soon.

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Beck said...

You know what? I didn't write AT ALL for the first year of any of my kids lives - or while I was pregnant. It was just too all-consuming.
Time for writing later, if you want...