Monday, February 16, 2009

Adventures in babywearing

**Updated on 4/10/09 to link this to Stephanie's babywearing carnival!

Apologies (or royalties, not sure which) to Stephanie for the title of this post!

So, what does one do with a five week old other than nurse all the time? Well, anything one wants or needs to, as long as you can have more than one hand free.

With my first child, I was content to nurse him for 45 minutes at a stretch and then let him sleep in my arms. I didn't get a whole lot done, but I wasn't worried. I bought a sling and a Moby wrap and settled on the latter for occasional use. I tried the sling, but the baby didn't like it, and I couldn't get it to work to my satisfaction. And in any case, for the most part, the baby bucket and a stroller sufficed nicely.

However, now that I have two kids, the luxury of cuddling the baby undisturbed is nonexistent. And I never have two hands free until the evening when at least one child is asleep. And this empahsizes that which I have suspected for a while. Casual baby-wearers become rabid baby-wearers with the birth of the second kid. It is a matter of survival.

Take this weekend. I took both boys to church by myself as my poor husband was quite sniffly and sick. And the baby was asleep so I took the bucket in with me from the car. Phew. Bucket and baby, toddler and diaper back-pack, purse. Oh yes, and I did have the foresight to pack the sling. Phew. We barely made it into the church and to the nursery, what with the toddler losing his shoes and all when he fell on the sidewalk. Anyway. Somewhere in the middle of the worship, Thomas awoke and needed to nurse, so I slipped out to do that. And then put him in the sling in the hopes that he would go back to sleep. And so he did. And it was quite freeing to go get Jonathan from the nursery in time for communion and even be able to carry him on my hip with the baby in the sling on my front. We did quite well for the rest of the service and the reception that followed. The trouble only started when I needed to strap the baby into the bucket to leave. And trying to chase down Jonathan while carting the horridly UN-ergonomic bucket was decidedly NOT freeing.

So, my husbands choice du jour is the Moby. Mine is the sling. For now. The ergo will be back in use as he grows since that is less fiddly than the wrap. I am really tempted by some of the beautiful woven wraps out there, and those who are better at the baby wearing thing than I am (hi Sherri!) sing the praises of the versatility of a woven wrap.

That might be something I explore in the next few months. But, all I have to say is, my back is happy that the sling and the Moby work. Phew. And, I have sortof figured out how to nurse in the sling, which might make that easier, too. I haven't figured out my bad configuration of a laptop, which means that, whenever I am holding the baby in any way, I am required to type one-handed. So, the babywearing doesn't help with that. But still.

Babywearing? Life-saving.


Julia said...

Oh, I hear you on this. I think you're right about the 2nd baby really making you into a babywearer, although my first was in a sling a lot too. I actually just wrote a post
on this too!

gretchen from lifenut said...

I wore Archie everywhere we went this weekend, in my new sling. He loves it, thankfully. I've had kiddos in the past who really seemed to loathe being in a carrier/sling.

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Casual baby-wearers become rabid baby-wearers with the birth of the second kid. It is a matter of survival.


Love that.

Stephanie said...

Three cheers for babywearing! I'm still trying to make sense of this "parenting two little ones" thing.

Fortunately, my husband has been off for 2 weeks and my MIL has been around a lot too so I've been able to nurse and snuggle the newborn almost all day. But I know that pretty soon I'll be pulling out a baby carrier so that I can play with and keep up with my 2-year-old...

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I agree SO MUCH!


Blessedw5mom said...

Oh so true! Once kids outnumber the adults, babyearing is pure survival! Great Post!

~Heather @

Upstatemomof3 said...

You are so right. I hardly ever wore my son but now I wear my daughter all the time. Life is very different with two than it was with one baby.

Carrie said...

That's great- I'm hoping for another little one soon, so I'll keep this in mind. :)