Friday, June 19, 2009

Seven Quick Takes

This is about the only way I blog anymore. Which is why Jennifer came up with this idea, I think.

1) I own seven baby carriers. One Ergo (see side panel), two Moby's (one is a MobyD and I think it is going to go to my neighbor who is having a January baby), one ring sling, one pouch, two woven wraps (one is a lovely violet Didy and one is a red/orange Gypsy Mama gauze sling). I think I am going to trade in my Gypsy Mama and try to get a mei tai.

2) I love Twitter. I love touching base with bloggy friends I have made. I know Twitter gets a bad rap, but I think it is as much of a "water cooler" for the internet than anything else. Plus, I can hook into people who follow the news more closely than I, thus freeing me up from actually having to glean my own information.

3) I am mistreating my windows a la the Nester. Which makes me happier than I should admit. Maybe pictures are in the future.

4) The baby has some weird splotches on his lower amdomen. And he is really fussy, so we are off to the doctor this afternoon.

5) I bought a camera for my birthday. Because I am determined to take more pictures. Also, we had cake!

6) Am contemplating doing a post on choices. Working v. staying at home. Career v. family, etc. I left a reasonably fulfilling law career to become a SAHM, so I have made some choices.

7) Went to the Homeschooling Convention here in Virginia last week. Wow. Tons of stuff to take in. Since our OLDEST is only 2 1/2, we are just thinking about everything right now. But I did buy one of these DVDs. Looked very well done and interesting. We shall see.


Mary-LUE said...

I love Twitter, too. I love the potential for tweet fests in real time. I love not being stuck on the computer as with an IM session. I love getting to connect more personally with blogger buddies. I guess I'm just a Web 2.0 addict!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, twitter has an undeserved bad rap. But I wonder if "mommy bloggers" use it differently than most people? B/c we generally have conversations vs. just one off tweets, ie. I'm playing Halo. My breath smells like broccoli. Where are my socks?