Monday, May 18, 2009

Things to remember

Isn't this the cutest little picture of Thomas? Look at his little head, pillowed on his little arm:

I was volunteering last Saturday morning to get breakfast and lunch ready for a meeting we had and I couldn't work with him in a front carrier like I usually have him in. So, my friend Sherri lent me one of her woven wraps and we put him in a Tibetan High Carry on my back. NOT to be done without a spotter. It did take the two of us to get him in it. But he loved being there. Talked and jabbered, and drooled and finally fell asleep.

This is a better idea of what it looked like:

And that afternoon, his two bottom teeth broke through. And the next morning one of his top front teeth came in. Three teeth. At four months and one week. Wow. And, just for posterity, 13 lbs, 5 0z. 27" at his four month checkup. And he likes to stand (with help). And laughs belly laughs at his big brother.


Julia said...

So, so sweet. My older daughter got her first teeth at 4 months but so sign of them yet in my younger one. Well, no sign other than drooling and mouthing everything.

Raise Them Up said...

Awwww! How sweet! I know he must seem huge when you are carrying him around (I remember my back aches well!) But, all I can think is...what a cute-tiny-weeny-little baby!!!

Julia said...

Hey there, Kimberly, I have a woven wrap you might be interested in. Shoot me an email if you want more info-- julia dot silge at gmail dot com