Thursday, May 14, 2009

Seven Quick Takes

Thanks again to Jennifer from Conversion Diary for hosting 7 Quick Takes Friday.

1) For those of you concerned about the fate of the stroller, it arrived somewhat directly the following morning. With just a few scrapes and bruises.

2) Spring has come!!! And we have had a couple really nice days here, amidst all of the heavy rain. But thankfully the 90 degree days that we had about three weeks ago haven't come back yet.

3) Ok, tips for traveling with an infant and a toddler: Have little "presents" wrapped for the older child to open during stressful times. Lots of snacks that take a long time to eat, like those little tiny "toddler dried fruit." And a water sippy for the child to drink from when taking off or landing. We brought a portable DVD player. It was useful, for a brief time, but don't rely on it. You can't use it during takeoff or landing, and if the captain has asked people to put away electronic devices, and then you sit on the runway for a while, the DVD player wouldn't help. Don't bring too many books, just a select few. Take more than one form of kid transportation. I have never been so glad to have thrown the ergo in the luggage at the last minute. Nurse the baby, if you can, during takeoff and landing. Helps with the ears.

4) It has been raining here for weeks. Which is good considering we had sod put down a week before we left for vacation and said sod is supposed to be kept "soaking wet" for four weeks after it is put down. On the other hand, all the rain brought down all the seed pods and our gutters are clogged. Which means that the water overflows over the side and not down the pipes unto the french drain which is supposed to help funnel the water away from the house and make the yard less soggy. Which is why we had to have the sod put down. A great big circle of problems.

5) Baby Thomas is teething. Enough said.

6) I love looking at cloth diapers. I don't use them. And I hate doing laundry. So I really SHOULDN'T ever start using them. But still. I am drawn to them. Like a fly to honey.

7) Need to cook with beans more. Need recipes that disguise the fact that they are, in fact, beans. Because my toddler will not eat them. Anyone have any good, mushed-bean, recipes?


Mary-LUE said...

I used cloth diapers with my first for about two months. It wasn't too bad, but I obviously didn't stick it out for too long. I did love all the cute designer diaper covers.

Julia said...

You crack me up about the cloth diapers. Your inner crunchy mama really wants to try them, doesn't she? :) It is extra laundry, though-- I do one load of diapers every other day.

Recovering Sociopath said...

Hummus? There are so many flavor possibilities. My favorite is black bean with lime & cumin.

I have told Peter that I would even volunteer to change every single diaper if he would agree to go cloth with the next kid. He's still antsy about it.

s'me said...

Cloth is SO much nicer and better and the laundry isn't so much more. I clothed for my one until he was out of nappies, and it was fab. Nothing creates the "I am super mummy" warm and fuzzy like a line of white nappies blowing in the breeze!