Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Random photos of the wedding.

Now, don't get all wiggy...this WAS more than six years ago.

But someone recently mentioned weddings and I thought of it.

This was one of the windows inside the 18th C. church with a lovely arrangement of hydrangeas.

This is us, outside of the church, before the ceremony. (Yes, we saw each other before the ceremony...we didn't want to make everyone wait while we took pics afterward.)

This was immediately after the ceremony. First pic of us as Mr. and Mrs.

This was such a funny picture with my cousin's daughter, our flower girl. She had just turned four. Isn't she just adorable?

We had a large reception. The church didn't seat very many people, and the wedding was near my parents' home. So, we had the reception at their house, and they invited all their friends to the reception. This is a photo of our rector giving the blessing before we cut the cake. We tried to have a bit of a ceremonial aspect to it since about half the people couldn't be at the actual wedding.

This is another photo of the cake. I LOVED my cake. Originally, it was supposed to be white piping that mimicked the beading on my dress and was going to have a burgundy bow on the top which was going to cascade down the side. Each of us only had one attendant, and our accent color was burgundy. But the cake guy said that he was worried about the stability of the burgundy fondant and suggested the piping in burgundy. I think it was just lovely!

And here is a last photo of us being smoochy post-toast. The toast was a whole other ball of wax. We had prosecco instead of champagne, and had it as our only alcohol. It was a late morning wedding and this was, essentially, lunch. Seemed odd to have lots of booze. But the caterer didn't bring a corkscrew. So, there was my sister, in her maid of honor finery, yanking corks out of dozens of bottles with the corkscrew in my dad's swiss army knife.

I could bore you with many more photos of the wedding, but I won't. Suffice it to say, we had a lovely time, and we continue to be happily married.

Oh LOOK, a gratuitous cute photo of my two boys:


Ms. Bogan Reads said...

Very nice. It looks like a very lovely wedding, and yes, the cake is just beautiful.

I can't believe how big your "baby" is.

Ms. Bogan Reads said...

Um, that's me, MaryLUE. I was checked in under my teacher blog.

Nicole said...

Oooh, I like how you did your hair!

Julia said...

Oh, fun! Our new church here in SLC is on average very young and there are several couples getting married this coming summer that we are pretty good friends with, so I've been thinking and chatting more about weddings than I have in YEARS. Getting married sure was fun, wasn't it?

The.Baroness.Von.Korf said...

Very nice. I really like that.