Sunday, February 07, 2010

Winter Babywearing

What do you do when there is 2 1/2 feet of snow on the ground and you have been cooped up inside for days with a 1 year old and a 3 1/2 year old. Well, you bundle them up in their multi-layered snow gear, of course, and head outside.

And the big guy will have fun climbing snow mountains.

But what about the little one, who is in the "drunken sailor" stage of walking? He is fine barefoot or with his little soft leather shoes, but boots? No way. No walk.

Well, you can plunk him in a snow pile and smoosh some against his back so he is braced.

But then, especially if it is still snowing, he looks like this:

And so you take him in, after thirty five seconds. (And after dropping your camera in the snow, but that is the subject of a different post.) So, the snow is still deep. Still needs shoveling. (The hubs, of course, is doing the lion's share of the shoveling, but one has to help out, doesn't one?) And most of all, everyone needs fresh air.

So, being a babywearing kind of a gal, you want to put him in the Ergo. But that doesn't work well over a coat. And it would be really uncomfortable with HIM in a coat, too. But it is below freezing out there. What to do? What to do? Well, if we had weather like this all the time, I would buy a babywearing coat or poncho. But I live in the allegedly temperate mid-Atlantic. We get snowfalls like this once every five years.

But mama can improvise.

And the baby likes it, too!

Now, we needed a third person (Hi, honey!) to help tuck the blanket around him, but I just tucked the top corners under the ergo shoulder straps and the bottom ones into the waist strap.


*Updated 10/4/2010 - There is a recent kerfluffle over the safety of babywearing. Stephanie Precourt is raising awareness of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA) which encourages safe babywearing. Go to her post to see more babywearing bloggers, and go see the BCIA Facebook page for more information.


Melodie said...

Aww! So cozy! I remember doing that with my kids, even the plunking them in the snow and molding them a little chair. I wish we had snow. Only one pathetic snowfall here this whole winter! Boo.

Raise Them Up said...

That's so cool! I love your improvisation! Though I can't imagine shoveling with him on my back! Talk about a workout!

natalie said...

Love that! I'm in the same boat... I have a huge zip up sweatshirt, I flip it around and have my husband zip it up 3/4 of the way so that baby is snuggly but can still see out. Back carries rock! :)

Beck said...

That's so smart! I used to just zip my baby INTO my coat, with her little face sticking out. It was kind of sad.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Good improvisation!!! :)