Thursday, October 23, 2008

On the differences between boys and girls....and shoes.

So, my poor son has had a growth spurt and now his favorite shoes don't fit. So, we have been on a hunt for shoes that fit, that are cute, that don't fall off, etc.

I found a really good pair of almost running shoes, with velcro. Nice and flexible. Easy on, easy off, which is important since he is two. But, I have a son. Not a daughter. So, shoes get wet. And muddy. And wearing paint-covered shoes to Sunday school seems weird. And he does have some very snazzy Euro-looking ones that are quite good, but are a huge pain to get on.

So, off we went to the store. And, he didn't want any of the "boy" shoes.

He wanted the glittery pink ones. With feathers. And pom poms.


I did convince him to get some tan work-boots and black sneaker-y things. (And since it was a sale, I got some boots for myself. And he wanted to wear MY new shoes.)

Why is it that girl shoes are all sparkly and embellished and boys' aren't? I mean, the girl shoes just SCREAM "fun!". I know, I know. Boys have "Cars" and "Spiderman" shoes, but those just kindof look scary to me, and they all are the same. The girls have fun stuff that is not tied to some Hollywood licensing thing.

I don't want sparkles for my son, but I want him to be as excited about the options he does have as the ones he doesn't.

Is that too much to ask?

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Raise Them Up said...

I don't think so, but I don't manufacture shoes. I'm afraid that the shoe thing with boys only gets harder.

My middle son wore sneakers with duck tape, yes, silver duck tape, holding the sole on for TWO and a half MONTHS because he didn't like any of the shoes the SEVEN area retail stores had to offer! And I refused to buy shoes he wasn't going to wear. I eventually got over the horror of taking him out in public like that. I figure surely other moms can sympathize.

Thanks for your prayers, by the way, for our Trunk or Treat!