Friday, August 18, 2006

And we wait....

SO, it is the wrong time of night to call anybody. 4:00 a.m. and I can't sleep. Jeez....any wonder?
Can you imagine that I am going to have this little baby in FOUR DAYS???

I went today to the spa to get my eyebrows, toes, and hair done. Had the house cleaners come, too. I have food in the freezer, and all the baby clothes are clean. We have diapers and wipes, and plenty of receiving blankets. So, if I went into labor right this second, it would be all ok. Marcus had his last day of work today. YEAH, he is home for a month! How blessed are we?

We have one last Dr. appt tomorrow morning (ummm, this morning) to see if the kiddo has turned. He hasn't. I can feel his little head trying to shove through my ribs right now. So, we have the weekend to re-group, see a couple friends who have just had babies, and realize it is the last time it will be just "the two of us". I mean, the little third person makes himself known quite frequently, but he is still portable. Anyhoo....keep your eye on the computer on Monday.....

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